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The Jury of Peers for the Golden Turtle 2017 Photo Contest has been finalized

We are honored to present the final list of the members of the Jury of Peers for the Golden Turtle Photo Contest 2017. According to the updated Rules for Artwork Assessment (http://www.wncontest.ru/en/photo/rules/), the Jury of Peers is formed from the competition finalists of the past years (5-7 people in each nomination), as well as the experts, who have declined the offer to join the professional jury, and preferred to submit their artwork as participants. These photographers will cast their vote during the Second stage of the competition to choose the semifinalists.
We would like to extend sincere gratitude to everyone, who accepted our invitation to join, and wish the Jury of Peers the best of luck!

Neil Aldridge (UK)
Christian Bavoux (France)
Alexandre Boudet (France)
Jonathan Díaz Marbá (Spain)
Andrés Miguel Domínguez (Spain)
Viktoras Dubinskas (Lithuania)
Ludmila Espiaube (France)
Philippe Fayt (Belgium)
Felipe Foncueva (Spain)
Gian Luigi Fornari Lanzetti (Italy)
Pavel Grekov (Russia)
Pekka Järventaus (Sweden)
Olga Kamenskaya (Russia)
Mikhail Korostelyov (Russia)
Nadezhda Kulagina (Kazakhstan)
Andrei Narchuk (Russia)
Egor Nikiforov (Russia)
Daniele Pantanali (Italy)
Alexandr Perevozov (Russia)
Adhi Prayoga (Indonesia)
Gunther Riehle (Germany)
Pierluigi Rizzato (Italy)
Daniel Selmeczi (Hungary)
Sergey Shanin (Russia)
Konstantin Shatenev (Russia)
Alyona Shevtsova (Russia)
Igor Shilohvost (Russia)
Alexey Shtemmer (Russia)
Pere Soler Isern (Spain)
Giedrius Stakauskas (UK)
Simona Tedesco (Italy)
Alisa Timurzieva (Russia)
Ekaterina Vasyagina (Russia)
Alexey Volkov (Russia)
David Wrangborg (Norway) 
Valeria Zvereva (Russia)

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