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golden turtle



Reserved Russia

In this nomination photographs of animals listed in the Red Book of Russia or regional “Red Books” taken on the territory of nature reserves or national parks of the relevant region are accepted for participation.

The Portrait of the Animal

Photos of any wild animals in close-up. In this nomination, the basic criteria shall be successful imaging of the animal’s character and “soul” through its emotions, eyes expression, pose, pace.

Animals in their Environment

In this nomination, photos shall reflect the unity of the animal and its environment in the artistic and biological aspects. The photos shall be evaluated as an integral composition created by the nature and captured by the photographer.


Photos of representatives of the micro world (insects, spiders, invertebrates, small underwater animals) in their natural living environments. Images of subjects at any time of their life, interaction with other animals, species and the environment are welcome. In this nomination, the harmony and the artistic merit of the entire composition is a priority.

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Jury of Peers


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