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Golden Turtle: changing the strategy and the management team

On November 8, 2016 a press conference was held at "Rossiya Sergodnya" to talk about the changes that have taken place in the management team and the strategy of the "Golden Turtle” Festival.

International Wildlife Festival "Golden Turtle" became the largest project of the "MY EQUATOR" Charity Fund, established with to help children with life-threatening conditions, said the founder of the Fund Andrey Soukhinine.

"As of today, the commercial component of the festival has lost its relevance, and we have decided to make it our biggest charitable project. At the end of October 2016, we signed a full package of documents related to the transfer of all rights to the festival, including the "Golden Turtle" trademark to "MY EQUATOR", which becomes the project operator", - said Mr. Soukhinine. According to him, the main objective of the project will be to raise funds for the treatment of seriously ill children, mostly suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The Honorary President of the "Golden Turtle" Festival  Alexander Myaskov reminded the audience that this international project has been around for 10 years. It started with an idea to organize an exhibition of photographs that show "the beauty and fragility of the world." "Gradually, the" Golden Turtle" has become more than a photo contest, turning into a festival of wildlife art, which involves photographers from around the world. In 10 years it has become the world's largest wildlife arts festival, which includes photography, painting, design and documentary contests. It brings together authors from more than 120 countries around the world ", - said Mr. Myaskov.

President of "MY EQUATOR" charity fund Maria Gromova emphasized that the unusual format of the festival will attract attention to the problem of childhood diseases. The new strategy is channel all the money raised from exhibitions all over the country, merchandise and photo albums sales into funding children's operations.

You can view the press conference video (in Russian) 

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